Document Report

The following list is a list of all available documents provided by the Association of Realtors to its members. The documents are sorted by category and then alphabetically by document name.

Document Name Publish Date File Type
2021 Affiliate of the Year Application12/6/2021PDF
2021 Nom Results8/21/2020JPG
2021 FCBR Officers & Directors1/20/2021PDF
2021 Rookie of the Year Application12/6/2021PDF
2022 Good Neighbor Award Application12/6/2021PDF
2022 REALTOR of the Year Application12/6/2021PDF
2019/2020 FCBR Award Winner6/8/2020PNG
2021 Circle of Achievement Application - Fillable12/6/2021PDF
November's Membership Meeting10/20/2022JPG
September's Meeting9/19/2022JPG
2023 contracts11/28/2022JPG
Fayette County
Open House Schedule5/28/2014PDF
2020 REALTORS Caring for Fayette Grant App 1/8/2020PDF
Directional Sign Guidelines5/28/2014PDF
Governing Documents
Board Bylaws Approved by Membership 202110/15/2021PDF
Policy & Procedures (2021)10/15/2021PDF
STRATEGIC PLAN (2019)2/23/2021PDF
Step up5/22/2020JPG
REALTORS Caring for Fayette12/9/2017JPG
Circle of Achievement1/4/2014JPG
Fayette Realtors6/1/2015PNG
RPAC Logo6/4/2020PNG
Meetings and Events
2021 Slate of Officers - Photo9/1/2020JPG
August Membership meeting8/19/2022JPG
Dues & Brews8/17/2022JPG
Memberhsip Meeting8/16/2022PNG
John Ainsworth Photography Session9/28/2022JPG
RE Awareness9/19/2022JPG
Lunch & Learn - Staging a Home9/28/2022JPG
self defense9/19/2022JPG
Taxes & Axes10/18/2022JPG
Transaction Desk9/13/2022JPG
Unusual sellers8/16/2022JPG
2022 Payment Plan Form8/16/2021PDF
2023 FCBR Slate of Officer8/25/2022JPG
2022 Nominating Results 8/25/2022PDF
2023 Partnership11/22/2022PDF
2023 Payment plan8/22/2022PDF
2021 Committee Annual Sin up11/30/2020PDF
2020 Leadership Academy Application1/10/2020PDF
New Board hours3/17/2020JPG